Thursday, 2 February 2012

Promo video #2 and #3 ;)

Hye guys, sorry for the late update about this project. been busy. I hope you guys are doing awesomee!

So, now, this is the update about #ProjectAwesome2012

We hit +500 followers on twitter
Also +500 LIKES on our FB
and +500 awesome's pics with us!

There is lot of 500 there. Awesome!

And this is our #2 and #3 video promo about #ProjectAwesome2012

Hit the LIKE and SHARE it wth your friendss! Remember guys, the DATELINE is just around the corner. Please submit your awesome's pictures BEFORE 12 February 2012 !

Send us through email at or twitpic to us @PA2012_

Promo #2

Promo #3

Facebook page: #Projectawesome2012
Twitter: @PA2012_


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shahidah. said...

whoa. ramai budak uitm puncak alam?