Friday, 27 January 2012

Awesome #ShutterSquad!

Hello everyone! :D

We present you yet another logo for #ProjectAwesome2012! 

Also, we would like to present you the #ShutterSquad!

In a nutshell, the #ShutterSquad is our group of volunteer photographers who go around and snap pictures of people holding the "I'm Awesome!" sign and submit to us. The minimum requirement to obtain the #ShutterSquad status is 10 pictures. 

The benefits of being a #ShutterSquad member are:
1. You can meet more people and make their days
2. You are actually a part of this project
3. You are being awesome yourself!
Your contributions will be fully acknowledged and will be publicly announced as a fine #ShutterSquad hero in our blog, twitter and Facebook Fanpage. So far we have received 7 applications for #ShutterSquad memberships and they are now going around making their first ten-photo trips!

Did someone mention Facebook Fanpage? Of course! We have established our own Fanpage for #ProjectAwesome2012 in Facebook! Here's the link: Project Awesome 2012 Fanpage 

So what are you waiting for? Be awesome and join us now!

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