Friday, 27 January 2012

Suspended? :'(

Hello everyone! :D

We just got suspended in Twitter. Not awesome, we know :'( but don't give up just yet! We will try to get help from Twitter to solve this issues. In fact, we have already sent an email to Twitter to contest for our suspension! Most probably it's going to take some time until the account reopens but you can still participate!

Send your photos via: 

1) any of our moderators in Twitter: @Musliyana, @Syazbery, @EyeshakAzman and @TinkyWinkyDypsy
2) our email: projectawesome2012 [at] yahoo [dot] com

We have yet to give up, so that you won't give up too! We believe that this project will still get through, and it will still be awesome! Keep the pictures coming! Thanks for your supports so far, and pray for us! 

Stay Awesome! :D

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