Friday, 27 January 2012

Be Our Ambassador!

Hello everyone! :D

We now introduce you yet another volunteer team for our project - The Project Awesome 2012 Ambassador!

We have seen a lot of people talking about us in their Twitter, Facebook and blogs! Heartfelt, we would like to extend our APPRECIATION to those who did by naming them our awesome #PAAmbassador team!

Participate with us as our Ambassador by doing any of the following:
1. Show your support by changing your avatar to our OFFICIAL POSTER and spread our project through your Twitter account using the hashtag #ProjectAwesome2012 and let us know;
2. Post a blog entry with our OFFICIAL POSTER in it and provide your blog readers with links to our blog and let us know;
3. Share our project in your Facebook by uploading our OFFICIAL POSTER and provide your friends with links to our blog, and let us know!

The project is getting big as we speak! Waste time no more and join today! Be a part of this awesome movement in order to promote awareness about the importance of having self values, confidence and esteem, and unity as a peaceful, harmony and awesome community! 

Our picture collection is growing big fast like a mutant baby! Thanks to all of you, of course :D but we want more! Submit us your photos today! Exceed a minimum of 10 photos to stand a chance of being our Official #ShutterSquad member! Even better, be our awesomely awesome Official Ambassador

Start today, be awesome!

* * *

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