Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Twitter Account!

Hye people! We sadly to inform that @ProjectAwesome2012_ acc has been suspended. We don't know when we gonna get that back. BUT, we make a NEW account just for you. We know that you're craving for our updates right? So, we just make a new one to ease you. jyeahh!

Okay, here is our new twitter twithandle, @PA2012_ ! Follow us to know about our awesome's project!

Just send your awesome pictures to @PA2012_ 


Our facebook fan page, #ProjectAwesome2012  !

And, don't forget to spread the word about #ProjectAwesome2012 to your bf/gf, friends, family, relatives or anybody else! Plus, you can make a #fanrequest which is you tell us whom you would like us to invite!

Mention us people! We really glad that your support to our project has been tremendous great! Big thanks to you all! *hugs*

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